....and how we do it........



Once we have discussed your requirements in full, we will prepare a quotation in writing within 48 hours and answer any questions you may have.





If our quotation is acceptable, a contract will be drawn up dividing the project into relevant stages with timescales for commencement and completion. A builders contract is essential to the smooth running of any project to protect you, the client, from any ' misunderstandings' which often occur when an initial agreement is not put down in black and white. It is also an invaluable tool in tracking the progress of work. 


The contract will also allow for the possibility of change orders. Additional works may be requested by the client which may result in additional cost. Any changes to the original plan will need to be agreed and added to the contract.


We strongly advise you think twice about instructing a builder who wants to take a shortcut when it comes to signing a contract and not providing details of insurance cover.