We are always looking for our  next project !


There is strong demand for building and land development sites across Surrey,London and the Home Counties. If you have a plot of land, a large garden or adjoining land you are thinking of selling or if you would like guidance how to sell it-we can help you.   


Heads You Win , Tails You Win !


We could either buy it off you without planning permission in place if we anticipate obtaining the consent will be straightforward and we are happy to take all the risk.  However if you want to achieve the highest possible price for your house or piece of land, then we would offer you an option agreement.  The price is agreed at the outset. We then apply for planning permission at our own expense as well paying your legal fees for the option agreement. Once planning is granted, we buy the house/land at the originally agreed price. If planning isn't granted, both parties go their seperate ways and the whole thing hasn't cost you a penny! 



We are always interested in buying land either with or without planning permission or if you have an interesting proposal we are always open to discussing a joint venture project. If you have the land, we can obtain the necessary planning planning permission, fund it, build it and divide the profit to  everyone's benefit... at no cost to you.!